GVMS Parent/Student Survey

Teacher Parent Student
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Dear GVMS Students: 

     Well into the 21st century, schools today continue the effort to adapt to the constantly changing challenges placed on them. Beginning with the federal mandate of 2001 that declared all students would reach an arbitrary level by 2014,   the focus of schools shifted from learning to testing. So much so, in fact, that many school programs dropped key elements of their curriculum in order to devote more time to those subject areas of testing focus.  Although testing has always been a key part of the evaluation process, for several years, it became the most important indicator for government to determine student, school, and teacher success. 

      The most recent movement is referred to as the ‘common core’. Although it was embraced by the vast majority of states at the outset, it has since become a political hot potato, described by opponents as yet another attempt to take away state control over education. One front-runner presidential candidate has vowed to eliminate the common core if elected. These are examples of what teachers and schools struggle with every single day. The sad part is, it’s the students who are paying the price for political decisions not rooted in reality.  

        School programs should not be viewed as places of drudgery, but rather a safe and warm place where students can learn and develop their skills beyond math and science. Those attracted to the fine arts classes are to be congratulated. The success they enjoy in that area will enhance their academic performance significantly. That’s a proven fact.

       Students, remember this: You are, (or should be) fully aware of the requirements and what must be done to satisfy them prior to moving on to high school. Make the most of  your middle years. Study hard and do well, but have fun along the way.

Alan Peterson
GVMS Principal


Gunnison Valley Middle School

Attendance Policy

Steps to follow if your child is absent:

  1. Parent or guardian should call the school and inform the office of the absence.  GVMS phone # 528-5337
  2. If no phone contact has been made the date of the absence, the parent or guardian must send a signed, dated note or phone call excusing their child when the child returns to school. 
  3. A student will have one school day beyond his/her return to school to clear absences.

Thanks for your assistance in this matter.