Principal’s Message

 Events in the world around us demonstrate how critically important it is for our citizens to be educated. It goes beyond possessing simple factual knowledge and includes fundamental civility. During the past year, America has watched as people running to become president of the United States have displayed alarming ignorance and meanness in the most shocking ways imaginable. Simple logic would suggest a candidate should have a basic handle on the current world we live in. Running the greatest nation on earth isn’t akin to winning a lottery. We need smart people in government. We also need individuals who have self restraint and can deal with serious matters in a way that doesn’t suggest childishness or immaturity. Taking our toys and going home isn’t really an option in today’s world.

The middle level school program is designed to prepare students to move on to high school and be successful. Along with math and language skills, history is extremely important because it provides us with a roadmap of things to avoid. If a traffic alert sign indicates the road is closed ahead, it’s a good idea to get off at the nearest exit. By the same token, if something is suggested that has been tried before and doesn’t work, it’s a waste of time and money to keep repeating the mistake.  That’s what history provides us; lessons from the past that should help us as we move into the future. 

America isn’t the oldest nation on earth, but it is, without question, the greatest nation on earth.  History shows us that, for the most part, America has lived up to the guiding principles that the nation established all those years ago.