South Sanpete School District is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based upon race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, or disability.

All certified Teachers must submit an application form, (all three pages), transcript, verification of their teacher license and a placement file or current resume. All employees will be subject to a background check and fingerprinting.



South Sanpete iPad Initiative

The District Administration and the School Board are excited to be a part of the iPad initiative.  The long-range goal is to provide devices for all our students.  The current initiative includes devices for all secondary students (6-12).  Each student will receive an iPad 4 to assist them with the current curriculum and to enhance future educational applications.  We have included resources on our web page to help answer questions regarding the device, the policy and implementation process.  If anyone has additional questions regarding this initiative, please feel free to call the schools administrators and/or the District administrators as well as the District technology specialists.  

Principals Message

Welcome to Ephraim Elementary. Home of "World Class Students" and the famous "Readasaurus." What a novel idea for a mascot, and a great way to motivate students to get excited about reading. As a staff we know how important and critical reading is. It plays such an intricate part in the success of young people. We recognize the central importance of producing good fluent readers. Our classroom teachers have solid research-based strategies in place and the school has three special literacy support centers within the school: Readasaurus' Learning Resource Center (STAR reading program), Next Steps Program, and the Parent/Teacher Literacy Library. We encourage you to spend at least 20 minutes each day reading to your child outside of school. It will make a powerful difference. 

I want you to know how excited I am to be working with your son or daughter this school year. I honestly think this is the greatest school on earth! It has such hardworking teachers and an awesome staff. EES is dedicated to not only helping your child succeed academically, but who also help them feel good about themselves, and feel safe. We want your child to have rich learning opportunities. 

We invite you to visit our school often. Parents, please make this your second home. We strongly encourage and invite you to be active participants in your child's educational process. Working together as a team will help to enhance your child's education. When you visit the school frequently, it lets your child know that you value his/her learning. Quiz them daily about what they have learned or worked on at school. I invite you to visit early on in the year so that you can know of the teacher's classroom expectations. This will help you and your child set up homework routines through out the school year. 

Many of our parents volunteer their time in the classroom or in the Readasaurus' Learning Resource Center. This teamwork attitude between teachers and parents is a key ingredient that makes this school extraordinary. EES also has a fantastic PTA Program. We encourage you to get involved in PTA. The PTA does so many positive and good things for our school. 

Our school tries hard to support the individual needs of each child. Teachers recognize that each child can learn and has talents. You as parents know how precious and talented your children are, and we as a staff hope to provide each child an educational experience that lets them be the very best they can be. 

Working together we can provide the support children need to be successful. 
"Together we can make the greatest difference."

Lynn Willardson

BREAKFAST- Students $1.25 (full pay) $0.40 (reduced) / Adults $1.60

LUNCH- Students $2.10 (full pay) $0.40 (reduced) / Adults $3.30

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables are also served daily as a morning snack.


Breakfast: Students $1.25 (full) $0.40 (reduced) Adults $1.60
Lunch:      Students $2.10 (full) $0.40 (reduced) Adults $3.30
Fruits and vegetables are being served fresh every morning as a snack.

Breakfast: Students $1.25 (full) $0.30 (reduced) Adults $1.60
Lunch:      Students $2.10 (full) $0.40 (reduced) Adults $3.30
Fruits and vegetables are being served fresh every morning.

"World War II was probably the most important event of the 20th century, not only for America, but for the entire world.  The outcome of that war determined how billions of people lived their lives from that point forward, and defined us as a nation.  Those who lived through that experience, and the preceding depression years, became part of a generation whose contributions and sacrifices are unmatched in American history.  It is with that in mind, that the Gunnison Valley Middle School-World War II Memorial was created.  It serves to record and preserve many of the personal struggles that families and individuals endured, in service to this nation, both at home and abroad. The heroism, courage, and determination that marked those years should stand as a monument to all who follow."

Principal Alan Peterson, Project Director

Note: To participants and their families, if you see anything that is incorrect or anything you want to add to your page, please contact the middle school at Phone #:  435-528-5337  Fax #:  435-528-5397 or write to us at:
World War II Memorial Project
Gunnsion Valley Middle School
PO Box 1090
271 East 600 South
Gunnison, Utah  84634

Lunch Prices
Breakfast: Students $1.25 (full) $0.40 (reduced) Adults $1.60
Lunch:      Students $2.30 (full) $0.40 (reduced) Adults $3.30

Reading Challenge


EES is participating in the Reach for the Stars reading incentive challenge sponsored by Usborne Books & More. Students are encouraged to read or be read to for 300 minutes over two weeks. They can also collect monetary pledges, which will help build classroom libraries and earn free books for students. The classes participated in an informative assembley about the reading challenge and details were sent home to the parents. Extra packets are available in the office, if needed. Pledges and reading logs are due Thursday, Feb, 11th. The book fair will be held during parent/teacher conferences, Feb. 17th (8am-9pm) & Feb. 18 (8am-noon)