South Sanpete School District is a member of the EMI Health insurance pool.  This pool offers self-funded medical and prescription drug coverage, fully-funded insured dental plans, group life insurance,  and is currently administering an employee wellness program.  The EMI pool continues to provide its members with the flexibility to design and maintain excellent employee health insurance benefits and at the most competitive premium rates.  

In order to utilize "Economies of Scale" South Sanpete School District has banded together with the following educational and public employer groups that make up the membership of the EMI Pool.   EMI Employees,  Carbon School District ,  Emery School District,  Logan City School District,  Millard School District, North Sanpete School District,  Rich School District,  USEA, UEA, and UPEA.  These groups together represent over 2,200 employees and 7,000 insured members.  This larger presence enables small to medium size employer groups cost-saving advantages that larger employer groups enjoy.

Educators Mutual Life and Accidental Death

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HIPPA Exemption Election
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EMIA Dental Plan

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