Federal legislation and district policy use the term “sexual harassment” to describe inappropriate sexual conduct that meets one of the three definitions below. Policy GACA outlines significant procedural safeguards for addressing these three types of serious offenses. 

  1. Employee quid pro quo (sexual favor).  An employee conditions the provision of an aid, benefit, or service on an individual’s participation in unwelcome sexual conduct.
  2. Hostile environment Conduct “so severe, pervasive, AND objectively offensive” that it “denies equal access" to educational programs.
  3. Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)* *VAWA was updated in 2005 to explicitly state that it applies to all people, not just women.
    1. Sexual Assault
    2. Dating Violence
    3. Domestic Violence
    4. Stalking
Other less serious, but still inappropriate, sexual behavior is categorized as “sexual misconduct” and should be addressed in a manner similar to bullying.

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