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Mr. Jesse Burrell

Teacher at GVHS Ag for 25 years.
Graduated from Utah State University
in Ag Ed. Also holds an Educational
Counseling Degree and an
Administrative Leadership Certificate.
Mr. Burrell also teaches Driver Education,
Financial Literacy and Psychology.

The GVHS Ag program includes Ag Science I and Ag Science II which focus on plant and animal science as well as soil science and natural resources. The Ag pathway also includes a Biology Agriculture class as well as a class for seniors that covers speaking, interviewing and creating media in ag. The seniors are also offered a college credit class called Food Matters which gives 3 college credits.  

Courses Offered      Suggested Order for Classes
Ag Science I 9   Freshman
Ag Science II 10 or 11   Sophomores or Juniors (recommended to be an FFA member)
Ag Biology 10 or 11   Sophomores or Juniors (recommended to be an FFA member)
Ag Sci and Tech / Food Matters
ASTE 2900
 12   Seniors (recommended to be an FFA member)
Summer Ag 9-12   Offered each summer for 1/4 credit


FFA (Future Farmers of America)      

FFA is an intra curricular and extra curricular club that follows the Ag program.

The FFA program offers leadership opportunities, conventions and competitions as well as travel for leadership and agricultural related activities.

Competitions are related to agriculture: some include: Dairy Cattle, Livestock, Horse, Meats, Food Sci, Milk Quality and Vet Science.

Members can serve as officers in the program learning important leadership skills.

Recordbook site - AET Login

National FFA Page - FFA / Preparing Members for Leadership and Career Success

State FFA page - Home / utahffa

National FFA Organization 

GVHS K-16 Pathways

 GVHS Ag Production Systems  GVHS Animal Veterinary Science  GVHS Natural Resource Science
 GVHS Ag Mechanics Systems  GVHS Food Science Dietetics Nutrition  GVHS Plant Science

Utah CTE Pathways

Full pathway that students can earn at GVHS in the Ag Program:
Agriculture Production Systems.  Utah Career and Technical Education Career Pathway
Ag Science I and Biology Agricultural Science can also fulfill parts of other pathways:
Agriculture Mechanics Systems   Utah Career and Technical Education Career Pathway
Animal and Veterinary Science Animal and Veterinary Science 2019-2020
Natural Resource Science  Utah Career and Technical Education Career Pathway
Plant Science. Utah Career and Technical Education Career Pathway

Pathway Partners

GIC Motorsports    https://www.gunnisonimplementgic.com/
IFA   https://ifacountrystores.com/
Barex Dairy   https://www.facebook.com/Barex-Dairy-Family-Farm
Snow College   https://www.snow.edu/academics/bat/agriculture/index.html/


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