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1. We take responsibility for learning.

¨   We arrive at school on time.

¨   We are prepared for class.

¨   We work hard and try our best everyday.

¨   We strive to give 100% effort on everything we do.

¨   Homework is carefully and thoughtfully completed and on time.

2. We settle our differences in a peaceful manner.

¨   Ephraim Elementary has NO TOLERANCE for bully behavior, harassment, threats or violence.

¨   We respect other people’s property and personal space.

¨   None of us have the right to take, touch or damage other people’s property without permission from the owner

3. We follow the directions of adults in charge, the first time they are given.

¨   We look at the speaker.

¨   We listen carefully to instructions.

¨   We show respect to all teachers or adults in charge, including substitutes and lunchroom and recess supervisors.

4. We are sensitive to the needs and feelings of others.

¨   We never bully or tease other children.

¨   We use appropriate language at all times.

¨   We show respect in assemblies by not booing, whistling, or yelling out.

¨   We are willing to help each other.

¨   We are friendly and courteous.

5.  We are expected to move safely through the school, and treat our school facilities with respect

¨   We will be responsible stewards of our building, the playground, and the fields we use.

¨   We walk safely in the hallways and outside before and after school.

¨   When walking in the hallways we show respect to other classrooms by walking quietly, staying to the right, and moving in a single file line with our voices off.

¨   We are respectful of the bathrooms, hallways, and lunchroom.

Our school is special.

Let’s keep it that way!



Dear Parents/Guardians,

The following is a breakdown of how we will handle discipline issues at Ephraim Elementary this year:

  1. All teachers, along with their students, will talk about each of the rules in our list of     

student expectations.

2. Specific procedures for students being referred to the principal:

a. Teachers follow their specific classroom procedures, rules, and consequences for dealing with  

    student behavior and discipline.

b. If the student continues to ignore expectations a Student Warning Notice should be filled out by

    the classroom teacher and sent home to be signed.

c. If the behavior continues after the Warning Notice, teachers will then fill out a Discipline

    Referral Form and refer the student to the principal.

d. I will use the following procedure:

  1. On a referral, a Behavior Incident Report will be filled out and signed by myself and the student. Depending on the severity of the behavior this may or may not involve a consequence. Consequences will follow district policy and range from a loss of activity to suspension depending on the severity of the behavior. I will also call home and talk to the parents. The form will be signed by the students and myself, then sent home to be signed by parents if I feel it is necessary at this point. The report will be filed.

   2.    If a student is being referred because of 3 or more minor infractions a Principal Warning Notice may be filled out and sent home depending on the nature of the incident and the behavior of the student. The notice will be signed by the student, myself, and the parents/guardians, indicating that a reminder and a warning have been issued and that a consequence may be the next step. If this form is not returned with a parent/guardians signature, the principal will call home. The Warning Notice will be filed.

    3.  For any referrals that fall under a violation following a principal warning notice, safe school violation, or office managed category I will: contact parents, determine consequences, follow through on consequences, and provide feedback to teachers and parents.

Along with this plan, we will continue our efforts in the areas of positive reinforcement, teaching and reinforcing the Big 5 expectations, and establishing, modeling, and practicing classroom and school wide procedures.

Our goal at Ephraim Elementary is to help children recognize and improve their behavior.


Gannon Jones, Principal

Ephraim Elementary

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