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Ephraim Middle School Community Council Agenda
March 4, 2020
3:30 PM
EMS Library


1. Welcome
2. Approval of Minutes
3. Reading and approval of Rules of Order and Procedures
4. Approval of Final Trustlands Report 2018-19 (Mr. Gillett)
5. Review of Current Trustlands Report 2019-20 (Mr. Gillett)
6. Review of Proposed 2020-21 Tustlands Report (Mr Gillett)
7. Update on Sounds of the Season/Candlelight/8th Grade Recognition (Mr. Moon)
8. Wellness Room Report (Mrs. Broomhead)
9. Hope Squad Report (Mrs. Broomhead)
10. Blue & Gold Activities/Report (Mr. Moon)
11. Open Discussion/Questions
12. Meeting Adjourn - Next Meeting: May 6, 2020 @ 3:30 in the EMS Library


EMS Community Council Minutes
Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Council Members:
Nathan Johnson, Parent Member
Anna Egg, Parent Member 
Travis Cartright, Parent Member 
Angie Gerber, Parent Member
John Gillett, Principal
Michael Moon, Vice Principal (non-voting) 
Tracy Simonsen, Teacher Member 
McKay Anderson, Teacher Member (non-voting) 
Janika Broomhead, Counselor (non-voting)


  1. Welcome: Meeting called to order at 3:35 pm by Anna Egg. 

  2. Approval of Minutes: Motion to approve minutes from 1/9/20 with changes made to Council Members in attendance by Angie Gerber, 2nd by Tracy. Unanimous approval. Motion made by Tracy to also approve the 2018-19 minutes, 2nd by Anna, unanimous approval.

  3. Reading and approval of Rules of Order and Procedures: Motion to approve by Tracy, 2nd by Travis, unanimous approval.

  4. Approval of Final Trustlands Report 2018-19: Mr. Gillett discussed the plan and the goals.  We did not find a piano player for the chorus or an assistant for the band, so the funds allocated in those areas went into technology support and equipment such as apps and iPads. Motion to make official in minutes that direction was given to use the money allocated to the music programs to be used for technology. Motion to approve by Tracy, 2nd by, Anna, unanimous approval. 

  5. Review of current trust lands report 2019-20: Mr. Gillett discussed the current plan and expenditures so far. A piano player has still not been found for the music program.  Mr. Gillett suggested we amend the goal and put that money toward paraeducator salaries since salaries have been a little higher than expected due to salary lanes. Science olympiad money has been used and it was a successful event.  Money to be paid toward the district for iPads is still on schedule to be paid.  Motion made by Travis to move any unspent monies in any category to salaries for paraeducators, 2nd by Angie, unanimous approval.

  6. Review of Proposed 2020-21 trust lands report: Mr. Gillett discussed the goal to raise scores by 5 points in the growth category (Math, Science, English).  Mr. Gillett discussed Action Plan steps to help support the goals which will be voted on at the next meeting. He then discussed the goal to move the English Language Learner progress up from the developing category by 5 points (measured through WIDA scores). This will be achieved through the purchase of the prep hour for a highly qualified ELL teacher ($8,600) and with the purchase of curriculum for the ELL class ($6,500). The next suggested goal is to support the band through the addition of a paraeducator to help with woodwinds and one to help with brass ($4,000).  Mr. Gillett will speak to the Chorus teacher to determine whether or not to continue the goal to increase student proficiency by paying a paid accompanist. Additional suggested Action Plans: professional development, paraeducators, technology and equipment, wellness room paraeducator, science curriculum, digital citizenship.

  7. Update on Sounds of the Season/Candlelight/8th Grade Recognition: Mr. Moon discussed the letter that was sent out to parents about the changes to 8th Grade Recognition, Sounds of the Season and Candlelight programs. The School Board has approved these changes.  

  8. Wellness Room Report: Mrs. Broomhead: Our Wellness Room has been up and running since the beginning of 3rd quarter. To date we have had many students utilize the room, they have a check in when they come in which helps them identify how they are feeling. They can stay for 5-10 minutes. There are soothing sensory items in the room and it’s a place for students to practice emotional regulation in a safe and quiet space.  Students have an exit questionnaire and data is tracked to assess usage patterns and identify reasons for using the room.  It is a self-referral and any student can use the Wellness Room. 

  9. Hope Squad: Our wellness facilitator Kayla is also taking the lead with HOPE Squad. The students helped us with our Val-O-Grams and on Valentines day we delivered over 700 valentines during 1st period.  In February, Hope Squad members made posters with positive messages that are hanging up around the school.  They will be doing a sidewalk chalk activity soon where they write messages of HOPE on the sidewalks where students coming in will be able to see them.  
  10. Blue and Gold activities: Mr. Moon spoke about allowing new students moving in with good grades to be eligible for Blue and Gold activities for the previous quarter. He discussed end of year awards for Academic Achievement. 

  11. Open Discussion/Questions: None

  12. Motion to adjourn at 5:11 pm by Travis, 2nd by Angie, unanimous approval. Next meeting to be held on May 6, 2020 at 3:30 pm in the EMS Library.

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