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EMS Community Council Minutes

Thursday, October 15, 2020 


Council Members:
Nathan Johnson, Parent Member
Travis Cartright, Parent Member 
Angie Gerber, Parent Member
Paula Tippetts, Parent Member
John Gillett, Principal
Michael Moon, Vice Principal (non-voting)
McKay Anderson, Teacher Member 
Valene Scott, Teacher Member (non-voting) 
Janika Broomhead, Counselor (non-voting)



  1.  Welcome and meeting called to order at 3:03 pm by Nate Johnson. Those in attendance include McKay Anderson, Nate Johnson, Paula Tippetts, Angie Gerber, Travis Cartright, Valene Scott, John Gillett, Janika Broomhead. 

  2.  Introduction of new council members by John Gillett.

  3. Distribution of School Community Council Checklist/Responsibilities by John Gillett. Discussion about the responsibilities and new requirements for School Community Councils. Timelines for School Community Council Trust Lands including election of new officers and Principal assurances. Discussion about appropriate expenditures of School Community Council funds.

  4. Election of new officers: Nate Johnson elected as the new Chair, nomination for Vice Chair: nomination for Vice Chair of Travis Cartright made by Nate Johnson, 2nd by McKay Anderson. Nomination for Paula Tippetts by Angie Gerber, John Gillett 2nd. Through the voting process, Travis Cartright was voted in as Vice-Chair, Paula Tippetts as Secretary. Unanimous approval. 

  5. Approval of meeting minutes: Motion to approve minutes made by McKay Anderson, 2nd by Travis Cartright. Unanimous approval.

  6. Review of RISE scores: The scores we have are this year’s 8th grade students 6th grade scores. Teachers are administering Benchmarks to see where students are at academically. 

  7. School Improvement Plan: John Gillett will be asking faculty for input on areas in need of improvement. John then asked the parent members for input. They asked about mental health concerns. We are seeing an increase in mental health needs, and more demands placed on our teachers. Nate Johnson asked if any of the funds can be used to help out toward supporting mental health of the students and faculty? The council will put thought into that. 

  8. Covid Safeguards/concerns: New Utah protocol for Covid-19 quarantine in schools. The new guidelines call for a 7 day quarantine and then a negative test before a student can return to school. We will update this as the state provides updated guidelines. 

  9. Review 2019-20 Trust Lands plan for end of year report. 

  10. Review current 2020-21 Trustlands plan:
    Goal 1: Increase ELL adequate progress to 41%. To accomplish this goal the prep hour of a highly qualified ELL teacher was purchased to create a second class hour to work with ELL students. A Trustlands aide was placed in the classroom for the two ELL class periods, and curriculum was purchased to be used in the ELL classroom.

    Goal 2: Increase English, Math, and Science scores on the RISE test (if it is administered). To accomplish this goal we will provide our after-school program on Tuesday and Thursday with the assistance of Americorp aides and paraeducators to help in some of our  Math, Science and English classes. Funds will be available to run the Wellness Room, for professional development for teachers, for Science Olympiad, materials, and for curriculum for the science teachers, and funding to support technology and learning.

    Goal 3: Increase individual student proficiency in Beginning Band and increase the number of Beginning Band students who continue in this arts program - funding two music teaching interns in the beginning band classes for one hour three times a week. 

  11. TSSA Plan Goals: Discussion about the goals targeted by the TSSA plan and how the funds will be allocated to support student academic, social-emotional learning programs, college career awareness, teacher in-service and instructional coaches.

  12. School Trustland timelines: John will submit items for the Oct 20 deadline. 

  13. Ideas for 2021-22 Trustlands plan: Nate is asking members to think of ideas for the 2020-21 plan

  14. Proposed SCC meeting schedule: Discussed a tentative meeting schedule of November 18, 2020, January 6, 2021, March 3, 2021, and May 6, 2021. Motion to approve the schedule by Nate Johnson, unanimous approval.

  15. Questions/Concerns: no questions or concerns at this time. 

  16. Next meeting: November 18, 2020 at 3:00 pm in the EMS Library

  17. Adjourn meeting: Motion to adjourn by Nate Johnson made at 5:05 pm, second by Travis Cartright, unanimous approval.

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