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EMS Community Council Minutes
Wednesday, November 18, 2020
3pm in EMS Library


Council Members:
Nathan Johnson, Parent Member
Travis Cartright, Parent Member 
Angie Gerber, Parent Member
Paula Tippetts, Parent Member
John Gillett, Principal
Michael Moon, Vice Principal (non-voting)
McKay Anderson, Teacher Member 
Valene Scott, Teacher Member (non-voting) 
Janika Broomhead, Counselor (non-voting)



1. Welcome and meeting called to order at 3:06 pm by Nate Johnson. Those in attendance include McKay Anderson, Nate Johnson, Paula Tippetts, Angie Gerber, Travis Cartright (via zoom), Valene Scott, John Gillett, Janika Broomhead (via zoom), Michael Moon, and Amy Rasmussen (parent). 

2.  Travis made motion to approve minutes from 10/15/2020, McKay seconded the motion, unanimous approval, motion passed. 

3.  John reviewed 2019-2020 plan progress. $700-900 passed over from last year. Carried over  to this year. No more than 10% can be carried over from year to year. Report needs to be turned in by the end of January.

4.  Review of 2020-2021 current plan – concerns are how testing will take place

  • Goal 1 - All of ELL money will be spent. Testing of WIDA shows improvement. 
  • Goal 2 - paras in place for Math English and Science, and for after school. Classes are really struggling with emotional and mental health. Yasmin Heywood has been running a self-compassion group. Science Olympiad has cancelled for the year so $1000 is available. 
  • Goal 3 - Fine Arts aide for the band has not been acquired due to a student teacher who does not get paid.  

5.   Discussion of possible items for the 2021-2022 Plan-Council: Michael Moon mentioned that the digital art class taught by Mr. Weller has been a popular class. Class is possible by purchasing Mr. Weller’s prep hour. Enrollment is dropping by about 33 students next year. Over the past 2 years we have lost the equivalent of 2 teachers. Lost Ustar money for Math and Science.  

6. Personal Competency Based Learning (PCBL) -John Gillett

  • Items 1-7 on the agenda. Members should follow links to learn more about how the state is implementing PCBL (rated 1-4) based on standards. John would like professional development money for teachers to learn how to Implement the program. 
  • Nate asked if we could possibly use the excess from this year to make an amendment to use for professional development for some teachers to observe Juab school district teachers who are piloting the program this year.

7. Candlelight-(Virtual vs. Cancel)-Council:  It was decided that we would postpone candlelight and other Holiday concerts unless teachers choose to record and post individual class concerts. 

8.  Review next meeting day & time (January 6, 2021) and discuss agenda-Nate

9.  Adjourn- Motion to adjourn at 4:19 pm by Travis, seconded by Nate, unanimous approval.

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