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EMS School Community Council

January 27, 2021 @ 3:00 pm in the EMS Library


Council Members:
Nathan Johnson, Parent Member
Travis Cartright, Parent Member 
Angie Gerber, Parent Member
Paula Tippetts, Parent Member
John Gillett, Principal
Michael Moon, Vice Principal (non-voting)
McKay Anderson, Teacher Member 
Valene Scott, Teacher Member (non-voting) 
Janika Broomhead, Counselor (non-voting)



  1. Welcome and meeting called to order at 3:06 pm by Nate Johnson. Those in attendance include – John Gillett, Janika Broomhead, Nate Johnson, Paula Tippetts, Angie Gerber, Travis Cartright, McKay Anderson, Valene Scott, and Michael Moon.

  2. McKay made a motion to approve minutes, Angela seconded the motion. No one disagreed. Motion passed.

  3. 2019-20 (Past Plan) Final Report-John
    John compared the 2019-2020 plan. Due to Covid, salaries for paras was over $13,000.
    Tech services and professional development was under allotted amount by $15,000.
    General supplies were under nearly $4,000.
    Equipment, programs and apps. $9615.75 – under by less than $100
    Total allotted was $90,400.   
    Estimated carryover was $5,000. Actual carryover was $900.38.
    Final report can be found on the school website.

  4. Review 2020-21 (Current Plan)-Nate
    Compared plan with year-to-date expenses.   
    Bought prep from Carolyn Bradley for ELL
    Could possibly get some more aids with available money.
    At this point all requested aids have been hired.
    330 and 340 has not spent much money due to mostly virtual training which is mostly free or low cost
    Would like to do some PCBL training for teachers in Nephi. Possibly get books that teachers can use to study and train themselves.
    General supplies $1600 left – about 74% has been spent. Much of that went to ELL textbooks.
    Around 192 8th grade students will be leaving.
    Around 145-150 kids will be coming in next year.
    Have previously bought teacher preps.
    With the smaller class sizes, could do more electives
    USTAR grants K-12 for math and science classes – was cut last year. District purchased those preps last year. Without the grant the class sizes will go up.
    Equipment money has not spent anything but at the end of the year, that area helps to cover expenses with apps and iPads.

  5. School/Teacher Ideas for 2021-22 Plan-John
    Total available - $94,724 plus $900 rollover.

    • ESL Mrs. Bradley (Prep) this year. Would like to use her again next year and continue to buy that prep from her. This is an area where we have data to show that we are making improvement.
    • The Science Olympiad won’t happen this year due to Covid. Hoping it will happen next year.
    • 6th grade STEM class - Tara Daniels (Prep) teaches stem on rotation to 6th grade students. Is currently funded by the district but may need to use money from Trustlands.
    • Scholastic/Aleks/IXL Apps/Programs - English teachers would like to use again. Approximately $300/teacher or $1000 total. District paid for it this year. Gear-up used to fund Aleks but no longer have gear-up. Costs about $15/student. IXL for Science.   
    • Para-Professionals (Aides) - Paras will always be needed for Math, Science, and English as well as social emotional learning in the wellness room. No salary needed for the wellness room due to Ann Banta watching the room. Approximately $45,000-$50,000 needed for paras.
    • Digital Art class (Prep) Mr. Weller. Paid for by TSSA money. Huge hit among the students. Bought new stylus pens. May want to purchase the prep again for a similar class.
    • Math (Prep)? Depends on the USTAR grant. Right now USTAR buys McKay’s prep for advanced 7th and Jim’s prep for a remedial class for 8th graders.
    • Professional Development PCBL - need to get teachers trained.

Additional ideas:
Beginning band para
Hoping to do a career field trip for 8th graders
Would like some assemblies
Field trips – possibly Snow College

Additional items:
Discussion about the school trying to accommodate teams to practice. The school wants to support the kids in sports.  Gyms are busy from 5 am to 9 pm.
John asked about any concerns or feelings about changes that teachers or administration can do to help with students Covid concerns.
No 8th grade recognition planned, due to corona
May possibly have concerts in the spring.
Online started with about 30 students. Currently 13 are remote. Not the original 30.  Students can come back anytime but they can only start online at the beginning of the quarter.

6. Next Meeting March 3, 3021 @ 3:00 pm in the EMS Library-Nate

7. Adjourn - Motion to adjourn by Travis at 4:20, seconded by Paula. Unanimous approval.

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