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 Ephraim Middle School Community Council
Wednesday, March 3, 2021 @ 3:00 pm
EMS Library


Council Members:
Nathan Johnson, Parent Member
Travis Cartright, Parent Member 
Angie Gerber, Parent Member
Paula Tippetts, Parent Member
John Gillett, Principal
Michael Moon, Vice Principal (non-voting)
McKay Anderson, Teacher Member 
Valene Scott, Teacher Member (non-voting) 
Janika Broomhead, Counselor (non-voting)



1-Welcome and meeting called to order at 3:07 pm by Nate Johnson. Those in attendance include – John Gillett, Janika Broomhead, Nate Johnson, Paula Tippetts, Angie Gerber, Travis Cartright, McKay Anderson, Valene Scott, and Michael Moon.

2- Approval of meeting minutes: Motion to approve minutes made by Paula Tippetts, 2nd by Nate Johnon. Unanimous approval.

3-Review of Current trustlands report 2020-21

  • Trustland aide money has only spent about 20%. Using college students as aids brought salaries down by about $11,000-12,000. Will have money leftover - may need to make an amendment and place that money into technology. FICA is also a little low due to paras. Trustlands equipment (ipads) has been spent but won’t show up until the end of the year.
  • Inservice costs are low due to free or low cost zoom meetings. Teachers will do a PCBL training on April 12.  Inservice and salaries both have extra money available. May need to make an amendment to move some of that money to technology. 

4-Data review video: https://youtu.be/zk0o5LayAdU

  • Only testing we have access to is WIDA (esl) due to lack of testing last year. Will need to find other areas to gather data. RISE testing will be done this year. 
  • Need data to develop next year's plan.

5-Review of 2021-22 trustlands report.

  • Greatest goals are to improve math, science, and english. That is where the majority of the money is allocated. 

6-End of Year Activities

  • Due to social distancing, activities have been somewhat limited this year. The school recently had a red ribbon week assembly as well as a 6th grade line dance activity out in the parking lot. 
  • Very few options due to Covid
  • Class officer elections will be held before spring break. The school will still have an awards assembly/recognition.
  • There will also be a talent show - video recorded
  • The council discussed some possible last week of school activities that could be held outside in the afternoons. Mike Moon would like to see many tournaments/activities to include all students (taking place of snow follies) it would be a 3-4 day event. Goal is to keep kids busy with celebration. Ideas include jump rope, corn hole, spike ball, pickleball, possibly even mountain biking. Would like community members to make suggestions and provide parent volunteers to run different stations. 
  • Will do yearbook signing this year. 
  • BBQ and Reality Town will also be held. 

7-Enrollment & Staff changes 

  • The school has an 8th grade class of 190 students leaving and a 6th grade class of 148 coming in.This is an equivalent loss of about 40 students. 
  • The school has been purchasing about 12 preps from teachers. With the decrease in students, it has eliminated the purchase of 7 preps from teachers for next year. 
  • These changes will reduce the staff by one teacher. This will also result in fewer options for electives. Next year, the school will have a teacher from the high school for one semester for drama. There may be the opportunity to purchase a prep from Mr, Rasmussen for a guitar class the other semester. . 
  • Class sizes will be around 25 students
  • George Richardson (Utah studies) is retiring. 
  • Ephraim Middle school has a staff of veteran teachers. We will start to see these veteran teachers begin to retire over the next few years. 

8-Open Discussion/Questions

  • Travis complimented the fabulous job that the staff and faculty are doing with the challenges that they are facing. 
  • Valene mentioned that Mike Moon is doing a great job of turning the responsibility back on the students for their choices. 

9- Next meeting will be held Thursday, May 6, 2021 at 3:00 pm in the EMS library.

10-Adjourn - Nate Johnson made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 4:21 pm. The motion was seconded by Angie Gerber . Unanimous approval.

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