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Ephraim Middle School Community Council

November 17th @ 3:00 pm

EMS Library


John Gillett - Principal (non-voting)
Travis Cartright - Member
Michelle Olthuis - Member
Angela Gerber - Member
Valene Scott - Teacher
Tara Daniels - Teacher
Paula Tippetts - Member
Lydia Stevens - Secretary (non-voting)
Janika Broomhead - Counselor (non-voting)


  1. Welcome-Travis
    Meeting called to order @ 3:03 pm

  2. Approval of minutes from 10/12/21-Travis
    Motion to approve minutes by Angela Gerber, 2nd the motion: Paula Tippetts.  Unanimous approval by all members

  3. Personalized Competency Based Learning (PCBL)-John
    Grading will change from standard letter grade to a number scale and competency learning of the material.  In January there will be training for teams (teachers, principal and assistant principal) from each school to attend.  EMS will try to implement PCBL in the fall of 2022. Tara Daniels explained a little about the program from teacher POV.  John explained how the competency would be “graded”, to show that they understand the information.  Same amount of material will have to be learned, but this is to show how they have mastered this information or concepts. This will be a big change from what we are used to. One major concern is responsibility on the student end.  Possible dual grading: “Do they know it” grade/”citizenship” grade.
    1. KnowledgeWorks
      The company who will be providing the training for PCBL

    2. https://www.schools.utah.gov/file/b968b87d-7021-4d1d-a1ac-28636c0b720d

  4. Candlelight Service Award?-John
    Discussion about continuing the Candlelight Service Award and some issues we are running into (no venue, adapting because of Covid, etc.)  Suggestions from Community Council were to simplify, break from tradition, turn it over to Youth City Councils.  The unanimous decision council was to not have it this year.

  5. Review 2021-22 (Current Plan)-John

    - 3 Goals

    1. Personal Rise Scores
    2. WIDA Scores
    3. Student in to help with Beginning band

    Talked about our goals, technology related supplies, grant money for STEM, District iPads or paraprofessional salaries (if it comes in unexpectedly).  If there is something else that needs to be written up we need to amend it and write it in.  

  6. RISE Data Review-John
    Still waiting on data.  Plan for next year, kind of keep the same 1st and 2nd goals.  John mentioned a Study Skills Class for in between students, so they can improve their 7th & 8th graders in the class, not for 6th grade.  Talked about possibly buying a prep for a Study Skills class. (No IEP or ELL students).  John mentioned the growth that will be coming to Ephraim, and what we will need to look at. 5th grade class coming in will be around 160 students.

  7. Discussion of possible items for the 2022-2023 Plan-Council
    Jankia Broomhead talked about Mental Health and what she learned from Abby Cox. Resources: ParentGuidance.org Mental Health Family Night virtual meeting: Dec. 8th from 6:00 - 7:00pm.  Parents feel that 80% of their students’ Mental Health needs to be met at school.  Our community is a “partnership” - We need everyone’s help (Parents, teachers, students, caregivers, etc.) John mentioned that we are here to give resources. We are doing Wellness Wednesday, teaching them to be resilient.

    Yasmine Heywood will be doing 3 different trainings (Ephraim, Manti, Gunnison) Self Compassion boundaries, self love, etc. 

    Angela Gerber: Stand For Kindness Assembly, mentioned how her children talked so highly of it. 

  8. Review next meeting day & time (January 13, 2022)-Travis
    3:00pm next meeting January 13, 2022

  9. Adjourn-Travis
    Motion to adjourn Paula Tippetts, Angela Gerber 2nd the motion.

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