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EMS School Community Council Agenda

March 2, 2022 @ 3:00 pm in the EMS Library



John Gillett, Principal (non-voting)
Janika Broomhead, Counselor (non-voting)
Lydia Stevens, Secretary (non-voting)
Travis Cartright, Member 
Paula Tippetts, Member
Anglea Gerber, Member
Valene Scott, Member
Tara Daniels, Member


1-Welcome (Travis).

  • Meeting called to order @ 3:05 pm by Travis Cartright

2-Approval of Minutes (Travis).

  • Motion to approve January 13, 2022 School Community Council minutes by Angie Gerber, second the motion by Travis Cartright. Unanimous by all. 

3-Approval of Final Trustlands Report 2020-21 (John).

  • A few changes were made, but everything was as discussed and ready to be submitted.

4-Review of Current Trustlands report 2021-2022 (John).

  • $3,000 was used to buy a teacher prep and implement a Study Hall class
  • 15 kids in the current study hall class, it’s been effective for the students in this class, many of which are no longer failing any of their classes and only a few that have one class rather than multiple classes that they were failing.
  • WIDA test scores improved 12%
  • RISE Testing starting in April (Writing 8th, Science, LA, Math)

5-Review of Proposed 2022-23 Trustlands report (John).

  • Would like to model next year’s plan after previous plans.  A few main goals that can cover more sub plans.
  • ELL 
  • Yearly Progress (RISE Scores/WIDA testing)
  • Band/Music Retention
  • IXL grants previously funded by GEAR UP, this year the school had to cover the funding.  It was ok though because we were able to write it in under a sub category (Apps), so it will be written into our grant again this year.
  • Proposed class for 2022-23: Creative Coding for a semester for 8th grade.

6-Science Olympiad (Lydia).

  • Regions went well, overall EMS placed 4th in the region.
  • Prepping teams for State Competition April 9 @ SUU
  • 20 8th grade students attending & Parent Volunteers
  • $2,000 came from Trustlands to help fund the projects and supplies for Science Olympiad
  • It was mentioned by Tara Daniels that her daughter (High School Junior) helped coach one of the events.  This would be a great opportunity for Ephraim Youth City Council (EYCC) Members to Volunteer for coaching an event possibly in the future.
  • It was also mentioned that it would be nice to introduce 6th and 7th grade students to Science Olympiad.

7-Gov. Cox 7th Grade Virtual Assembly (Tara).

  • Q & A session with the Governor.  Good experience for the kids. 
  • Questions were “polled” ahead of time to see what top 10 things 7th graders wanted to ask the Governor. 
  • 7th grade students stayed in their classrooms and were able to watch separately.

8-Wellness Wednesday and Upcoming 8th Grade Events (Janika).

  • This is scheduled every Wednesday and teachers have signed up to be guest speakers each week.  Yasmine Heywood is the guest speaker about once a month is the speaker.
  • Put up flyers for the weekly topics

9- Open Discussion/Questions.

  • CCUC Parent Class started last Monday Feb. 28.  
  • 8th gr. March 8 go to the CTE Classes @ MHS

10- Adjourn-Next Meeting April 19 @ 3 pm in the EMS Library

  • Valene Scott made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Travis Cartright seconded the motion.   All in favor.

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