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EMS TSSA Plan 2020-21
1. Increase the success of all of our students academically. 1A. Purchase 6th grade reading curriculum supplemental material ($1000).
1B. Purchase apps and software ($1500).
1C. Purchase five (5) iPad keyboards ($500).
1D. Purchase twelve (12) iPad stylus pens ($1000).
2. Provide curriculum and education to reduce bullying incidents at EMS. Provide curriculum, education, and coping skills to prevent suicides. Provide curriculum, education, and skills to support our students social and emotional (SEL) well-being. 2A. Purchase curriculum for anti-bullying, suicide prevention, and SEL programs ($1500).
2B. Purchase supplies (backpacks, etc.) for students in need ($100).
3. Provide a school culture of excellence and inclusion by providing wholesome activities, assemblies, and recognition for all EMS students. 3A. Provide virtual and in-person assemblies when possible ($3000).
3B. Purchase a portable sound system for dances, assemblies, and activities ($3200).
4. Provide an opportunity for our 8th grade students to attend the Natural Resources Career Fair. 4A. Pay for transportation ($1600) and lunch ($295) for the 8th grade class to attend the Natural Resources Career Fair in Richfield.
5. Provide in-service opportunities for our educators to improve instruction. 5A. Pay for presenters and necessary materials for Teacher in-service ($3500).

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