Bulldog Strong Focus for November:



gobble up gratitude
This month, feast your eyes on others! See the good things everyone around you does for your classroom community and for our school community. Then thank them for their generosity in giving their time and working hard to help us grow. We are grateful to all of our friends at Gunnison Valley Elementary who help us all become Bulldog Strong!
Gratitude: Pass it on!!

Bulldog Strong Focus for October:


The second grade team was able to put together a great teamwork assembly for us this month to spotlight all of the hard work we do together at Gunnison Valley Elementary.
IMG 0517

In our schools, teamwork divides the tasks and multiplies the success!

As part of our Bulldog Strong initiative to improve our schools and strive towards excellence, our schools here in the Gunnison Valley are focusing this month on TEAMWORK.

We are looking forward to a month of achievement as we focus on growing together in our schools.
Our goal is that every student will benefit and feel valued as we coordinate our efforts to reach higher!

Go Team Bulldog!


Bulldog Strong Focus for September:



The third grade team helped us focus on service in the month of September. We were able to accomplish great things at GVES! Click to see the September Service Assembly. 



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