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Dress Code


The following are highlights from the district’s dress and grooming policy that particularly apply to elementary age students. The entire policy is available on the Internet at www.ssanpete.org, policy JFCA. These dress standards will be enforced at school and all school activities. 

* Hairstyles that are conspicuous, extreme, or odd shall not be allowed when they 

draw undue attention and distraction or disruption.

* Hair color shall be within the spectrum of natural hair colors. Modest color streaks are allowed.

* All clothes must be clean and modest. 

(No tank type shirts, halters, bare midriffs. Shirts must cover students’ mis-section. Shorts and skirts need to be close to the knee.)

* No pajamas or other sleeping attire (unless specified as a dress-up day or activity)

* No obscene, Lewd, Sexual innuendos, racial, ethnic, indecent, vulgar, violent, or inappropriate saying, writing, diagrams, or pictures are allowed on clothing or personal belongings, e.g. notebooks, backpacks, gym bags, water bottles, lockers, badges, patches, etc. 

* No head covering of any kind are allowed to be worn in school buildings during regular school hours. This includes all types of hats, bandanas, hooded shirts or coats, sweatbands, etc.

* No skate shoes, bedroom slippers, or bare feet are allowed at any time. 

*  flip-flops are not allowed due to health and safety concerns. {Because of recess and P.E. 

activities, this is especially important in the elementary school.} Open toes shoes are also a danger for elementary aged children.


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