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Face Coverings    


Masks are required at all times when inside the school. This applies to parents/visitors as well. Students will be allowed to remove their face covering during lunch, at recess and during outside PE. Students will be given frequent mask breaks throughout the day. If you need a mask, please let us know… we will give you one. 

  • Students will be provided a lanyard to hang their mask on so it doesn’t end up on the floor. 
  • Teachers will be generous in giving kids a break from their mask, if needed. This will be done at the teacher’s discretion.
  • We recognize that it will be a new experience for everyone to wear masks, so we will be patient and work with students to teach them to be safe. If ANY student is struggling and needs a short break from their mask then accommodations will be made.
  • Find some fun face-masks for your student just follow the school dress code by having appropriate graphics.

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