Community Council Minutes                                           1-2-2018

In attendance:           Clark Bown, GJ Willden & Jack Pay

                                     Trevor Powell Principal

The budget was reviewed and decisions will be made in the next meeting on March 6th as to how we should spend that budget.

It was proposed to purchase four new projectors at this time. The bulbs to replace the old machines cost more than a new machine. A motion was brought up by Clark Bown, for that purchase with a 2nd by GJ Willden and all approved.

Jack Pay shared a hand out for Digital Citizenship, regarding how they use current events to teach students about the cause and effect of using social media. He shared a story from the Deseret News as an example. Also, he talked about an acronym that helps students evaluate the reliability for content found on the web.

On Tuesday, January 23rd the school will be on a Friday bell schedule and then Teacher’s will attend a webinar teaching about Canvas and Shmoop web sites.

This will help teacher’s as they prepare for the ACT test on February 27th for all Junior’s.

Mr. Powell gave the committee an assignment to talk to some parents in the community regarding Dress Code Specifically “Jeans with holes.” He would like feedback on what parents think should be policy on this matter.

Next meeting is scheduled for March 6th @ 2:15pm. We will review the current goals and make new goals for the next school year.

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