Community Council Minutes

Council Members in attendance:

Dallas Overly Chair

Jack Pay (School)

Clark Bown (Community)

GJ Willden (Community)

Trevor Powell (Principal)

Goal #1 is to purchase four new projectors and four new printers for teacher classrooms. Printers were voted on by Clark Bown and Dallas Overly 2nd the motion. They would also like to purchase a sound enhancement system.

Goal #2 is to increase student learning through technology in the classroom.

The Community Council will assist in purchasing new technology for student use.

Software will be evaluated and purchased when necessary to assist learning. Repair & maintenance costs will also be necessary with any technology use. They will increase the software AP budget.

Goal #3 is to reduce the number of students on the ineligible list to 5%. We will

continue to use the Flex time to assist students with their needs to improve grades. Also, we will support the Odyssey Lab for credit recovery.

Goal #4 is to support professional development for teachers with technology and common core. Funds will support teachers attending conferences and workshops.

Goal #5 to increase Digital Citizenship throughout the school and prepare students to be ready for college. Ways of doing this will be through Assemblies, and tracking software. A digital citizenship assembly will be held April 11th. Flyers were handed out and also emailed to parents via email.

Next Meeting set for May 4, 2018 @ 2:15 p.m.

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