Community Council Meeting

Monday October 15, 2018

Attending: Principal Trevor Powell, Jack Pay, GJ Willden, Angela Wescott, Samantha Dyreng, Lori Dunne (non-voting)

Welcome of the new members elected, Trevor Powell Principal and Kim Sorenson taking the minutes. GJ Willden was nominated as the Chair for Community Council, a motion was made to have Clark Brown as the Co-Chairman it was 2nd by committee members Angela Wescott and Samantha Dyreng the motion was passed.

Introduction of New Teachers: Ann-Marie Davis Social Studies, Nicole Cox Ed-Net Coordinator/Technology, Lisa Burrell Gear-up Coordinator, Lindsay Maynard Odyssey Lab Coordinator

The schools goals were discussed with the new committee members. A copy of the actual plans and goals will be emailed to new members.

The schools web page was discussed; it will be helpful for new members to go on the web page to get information they may need, like weekly agenda, funding, etc.

Trustland funding is for technology, for example, printers, hard drives, iPads, keyboard, school APs. Also funding is used for Professional Development and training for teachers. Another is to fund staff of our labs like credit recovery and a homework night for math. 

The committee is also discussing a wellness policy for staff members. More discussion will happen at the next meeting at the beginning of a new calendar year.

Next meeting will be held Wednesday January 2nd, 2019.

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