Community Council Minutes                                           1-2-2019

In attendance:           GJ Willden, Jack Pay, Angela Wescott & Sam Dyreng

                                     Trevor Powell Principal

The budget was reviewed and decisions will be made in the next meeting on March 8th as to how we should spend that budget.

It was proposed to purchase four new projectors and 10 new Apple TV's with Bluetooth.  A motion was brought up by Jack Pay, for that purchase with a 2nd by Sam Dyreng and all approved.

Mr. Powell showed a Digital Citizenship video, is a good resource. Teachers incorporate digital citizenship into their curriculum each month.

On January 23rd sophomores will take the Plan Test.

Mr. Powell gave the committee an assignment to think about a wellness policy for all staff to get healthy. Discussed maybe having a small competition.

Next meeting is scheduled for March 8th @ 2:15pm. We will review the current goals and make new goals for the next school year.

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