Community Council Minutes

Monday March 2, 2020

Present:  Trevor Powell, Karen Willden, Stephanie Willden, Sam Dyreng, Tausha Anderson

  •  Discussion was held on next years’ trustland budget and goals.  The goals were simplified to 3, with several goals being consolidated into one.  When the new revisions are finalized by Mr. Powell, he will send the proposed budget to council members for approval before it is submitted to the District Office and to Trustlands.   
  • A new sound system will be installed in the Special Ed room.  
  • Digital Citizenship was discussed. This curriculum is taught during the English classes.  There is a need for this to be used more consistently. There is also going to be a list of vocab words given to teachers to use in their classrooms to familiarize students with wordage used in testing.  
  • The draft A/B Schedule for next year will also be shared with the council.  There will be a small revision from last year so that there is not a lapse in days especially with Monday Holidays. 
  • IXL is now going to be used in Math classes.  The math teachers can target specific areas that students are struggling with.  This will be a 60 day trial that has started right now. Concerns were presented by council members because of how IXL is used in English and a recommendation for teachers to have an inservice on this.  Council would like to see English more targeted too.   
  • Updates on the new changes in Leadership at GVHS were shared, specifically dealing with Student Athletes and attendance on game days and a Code of Conduct for all sports.   
  • The next meeting was set for May 4, 2020.  

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