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Boys' Tennis Schedule

Gunnison Valley High School

Home of the Bulldogs


 March 10th (Tuesday)
GVHS @ Manti 3:30 pm
April 9th (Thursday)
Wasatch Academy vs. GVHS 
 March 13th & 14th (Fri-Sat)
St. George Invitational
 April 16th (Thursday)
GVHS @ Grand 11 am & San Juan 3:30pm
 March 18th (Wednesday)
Juab vs. GVHS 3:30 pm
 April 21st (Tuesday)
GVHS @ Richfield 3:30 pm
 March 31st (Tuesday)
Wasatch Academy vs. GVHS 3:30 pm
 April 23 (Thursday)
Carbon vs. GVHS 3:30 pm
 April 1st (Wednesday)
North Sanpete vs. GVHS
 May 1st (Friday)
Region Tournament 8:30 am
 April 2nd (Thursday)
South Sevier vs. GVHS
 May 5th (Tuesday)
GVHS @ South Sevier 3:30 pm
April 8th (Wednesday)
GVHS @ Delta 3:30 pm
May 8th & 9th (Fri-Sat)
State Tournament @ Liberty Park


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