All buses to field trips are scheduled by the school and each bus is under the direction of a faculty member. All students are required to return to the school on their assigned bus, unless prior arrangements have been made before ever leaving the school. (Students will be released only to parents; not to other students.) Fighting, throwing, yelling, vulgar language, or inappropriate gestures/behavior on any bus will not be tolerated. Violators will lose bus privileges and may be suspended from school. Vandalism on a school bus will result in a court referral for anyone involved


1st  Offense: Warning - seat may be assigned.

2nd Offense: Contact Principal, who will contact parents.

3rd Offense: Principal may revoke bus privilege for one or more days.

If the student goes through this procedure twice, the situation should be reviewed by the bus driver, the principal, and the parents to determine if the student should ride the bus in the future. 

Keeping in mind that riding a school bus is a privilege, any or all of the above steps can be by-passed if the offense is one of a serious nature and presents a safety hazard to the driver or other students on the bus. Serious behavior  is when anyone is endangered. Any problem that threatens the  immediate safety of students on the bus will not be allowed. The individual 

student (s )involved will be suspended from the bus.

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