Cell phones and other electronic devices (IPod’s, ect.) that are capable of text messaging or photography, are not allowed to be carried on a student during the school day.  The school day is defined as being from the time a student arrives on campus until the depart at the end of the day at 3:00 P.M. (On Friday’s, school lets out at 1:20 P.M.) Under SSSD policy, phones may be brought to school but they must remain in a locker. Phones that aren’t stored in a locker will be confiscated.  Any confiscated phone/ or device will only be turned over to the parent, in person, at the school.

Any communication device brought to school is subject to damage or theft and the school will not assume any liability for these items.

Cell phones have been misused in schools across the nation, resulting in court cases involving personal privacy issues, cheating, and electronic bullying.  Our goal is to ensure every student is safe from these harmful actions involving this technology.

Violations of the policy will result in the following:  First violation-Confiscation of the phone. Confiscated phones will remain in the office until the parent comes in and picks it up at the end of the day. Second violation- The school will hold the confiscated phone for three days. Parent(s) must pick the phone up from the office. Third violation- The phone will be held for five (5) days. In addition, there may be loss of activities and a possible suspension. Parents must pick up any confiscated phones. Non-compliance of the policy procedures will result in the immediate suspension of the student requiring a parent meeting between school officials and parents before the student may return.

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