1. No student shall be eligible to represent GVMS if he/she fails a class in the preceding quarter. An incomplete "I" grade is considered failing until it’s made up. (An incomplete needs to be made up within two weeks after the student receives the report card.) A "NG" grade is considered a Failing Grade. No student may represent the school with an "I" or an "NG" or an "F" on their report card. Students must have a minimum 3.0 GPA to be eligible to represent GVMS.

2. Students attending any activity sponsored by the school must go and come back in the same vehicle. Any exception must be cleared before hand by the advisor, and /or principal.

3. Any student suspended, or who is on probation, will not participate in any activity for the duration of the suspension or probation.

4. Any student who sluffs will not be allowed to participate in at least one or more of the next scheduled activities at the discretion of the administration.

5. After-school activities that occur during the school year, that involve school facilities, require meeting eligibility requirements.El

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