Fire Drills- When the fire alarm sounds, students will evacuate the classrooms and building under teacher direction in an orderly and quiet manner and assemble outside at the designated location. Lights are to be turned off upon leaving the room and the classroom door closed. The green/red sign should be displayed in the door window before closing the door. Students are expected to stay in an orderly formation (Lines; a tight group; etc.) The teacher will call roll and send a designated person to report to the secretary who will be located in front of the main entrance to the school. (‘All present and accounted for’.)

 Earthquake Drills-When the rumbling begins, everyone will get under a desk or table and cover their head with their hands. In the event there is a physical problem with the procedure, the student should get down and cover against an interior wall, not the outside wall of the classroom that contains windows. Breaking glass would be an immediate danger in the event of an actual quake. This position is held until the rumbling stops. When the rumbling does stop, the class will immediately evacuate the classroom in an orderly and quiet manner and assemble outside in the designated location. The teacher will display the green/red sign in the door window to alert if there’s a problem. The teacher will take roll and send a runner to the secretary who will be located at the front of the school to record any missing students. When the ‘All clear’ is given, students may return to the building in an orderly and quiet manner under teacher direction.

Lockdown.  In the event of a ‘Lockdown’, the announcement will come from the office. At that time, the teacher will lock the classroom door and locate the students in a location that can’t be viewed from the hall door. Lights will be turned off and students will remain quiet until the ‘All clear’ is given. When the ‘All clear’ is given, the classroom will be evacuated in a safe and orderly manner and locate in the intercom-specified area away from potential danger. This may result in all students locating in the same general area outside. Example: North Lawn against the fence. West parking lot by the football field. East gravel parking lot.  In any event, teachers must keep their class together for the sake of safety and to eliminate chaos. (NOTE: It is a misdemeanor to set off a false fire alarm. Any person caught setting off a false fire alarm will be referred to juvenile court, fined $100 and suspended.)Em

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