Many young people today spend hours and hours on the computer at home visiting with friends and others on ‘Facebook’ and other social sites such as ‘TIC TOK’. These sites are not accessible in schools, and aren’t included in school  curriculum. Regardless of that fact, the school is continually called upon to referee and solve social problems between students that develop over comments made on these social media sites. Calls from parents expecting the school can/should provide solutions to these home-grown issues between students involving home computers is wishful thinking.  Schools have no control over any student activity at home. The same is true regarding text messages and ‘Tweets’ that young people are constantly engaged in doing. The person(s) paying the internet and cell phone bills is the clear and obvious answer when it comes to fixing these  situations.  In order to maintain a climate conducive to learning, problems that develop outside of school must be dealt with by parents and the students directly involved in the conflict. Ultimately, the solution must be provided by parents, not the school.