Lewd, vulgar, defamatory or otherwise disruptive language, either written or spoken, or any obscene gestures will result in suspension and referral to juvenile court. This written policy concerning such behavior shall constitute fair warning in the event of any such incident involving profanity, vulgarity, etc. There is a zero tolerance level at GVMS on this issue.

Students referred to juvenile court for profanity, (lewd, obscene, vulgar language) shall be charged with disorderly conduct. Such language is offensive, and draws attention away from the educational process.

The juvenile court shall treat the charge in a non-judicial manner, meaning that the person may have to pay a fine, do work hours, etc. The incident is not on a permanent record. If a person is charged a second, or more times, the court handles those repeat charges as Class B Misdemeanors, and they go on a permanent record.


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