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Middle school can be a confusing time, for parents as well as their children.  Your child is becoming more independent yet still needs your support as much as ever.

Here are some tips to help your child succeed in middle school:
1.  Get to know your child's teachers.  
     Come to parent teacher conferences and ask them questions about their experience.
     Find out how much time your child needs to spend on homework, etc.

2.  Get involved in PTO/PTA 
     You can contact Angela Wescott for more information.
         This helps give you an opportunity to volunteer in your child's school

3.  Talk to your child about school
Be more specific than just saying how was school.  
     Ask things like, how did you do on your math test today?
     Did anything funny happen at school today? etc

4.  Go to school meetings and events

5.  Give your child a quiet place to study and do homework

6.  Check your child's homework, but don't do it for them.
     Offer to check math problems, proofread written papers,
     and look over spelling words.  If you find a mistake, point it out to your 
     child and help them figure out the correct answer.

7.  Post a family calendar in a central place to write down important dates.

8.  Assist your child in getting their things together the night before
     This will alleviate phone calls asking you to bring the forgotten item the next day.

9.  Encourage your child to get involved in GearUp (after school program)
     If you don't know what this program is plan on attending the upcoming meeting. 

10.  Check PowerSchool to stay informed about your child's grades and assignments. 

11.  Read your emails from the middle school.
       We are going paperless as much as possible and will be sending lots of important information via email.
       Please read when it comes so you won't miss out.


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