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A tutoring bus will leave at 4pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday's and take students to Ephraim. Please use this to get extra help in your classes.

Schedule for the Week

Mon. Feb. 8 - No School

Tues. Feb. 19- Regular Day

Wed. Feb.  20- ACT (Juniors Only) NO SCHOOL for 9th, 10th and 12th grades. Promenade practice for the Junior Prom will follow after the test.

  • 8th grade CTE @ EMS @ 12:30 PM

Thurs. Feb. 21- Regular Day

  • Boys Basketball State Tournament at SVC

Fri. Feb. 21

  • Boys Basketball State Tournament Cont.

We would like to congratulate our Speech and Debate team for taking Region. 

Congratulations to Damon Mayfield for taking 2nd place at State Wrestles in the 160 weight category.

Congratulations to Seni Latu for taking 4th place at State Wrestles in the 195 weight category.


There will be three more Driver Ed. classes held at Manti High School this school year. The classes will start on Mar. 18, and May 13.  Classes begin at 6:00 am in the library.  The class beginning May 13 will be held before and after school.  One of the requirements for completing Driver Ed in the South Sanpete School District is attendance by parent and teen driver at a Zero Fatalities presentation.  The last of these presentations for the year at Manti High School will be held on February 13 at 6:00.


Parents, there have been some frequently asked questions that have come up concerning Drivers Ed.  Hopefully this helps. There are 3 course offerings left this school year.  They begin March 18th and May 13th

  1. How does a student obtain a learner’s permit?
  • Must be 15 years old
  • Pass a written test at the DMV or in the Drivers Ed. Class
  1. What is the cost of the Drivers Ed. class?
  • $100 paid in the office at the high school
  • If your student chooses to take the class online you will need to look into that yourself, but you will need to pay $50 to drive with the instructor.
  1. How long does each course last?
  • Each course consists of 15 classes, starting at 6:00 am in the library
  • The last course in May, will be held before and after school.
  1. Do we need to sign up?
  • No, we take the first 25 students that come according to age and birthday.
  1. Is Zero Fatality class mandatory?
  • It is required in order to pass the Drivers Ed. class
  • There are 2 classes offered at Manti High (The last one this school year is Feb. 12th) If they aren’t able to attend the classes at Manti High, they can attend at any high school found at

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