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Attendance Secretary


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Knoteworthy KnightsTemplar

It is a pleasure for me to explain our Knoteworthy Knight student recognition program.  The idea behind this program is simple.  We want to recognize students who exhibit excellence in their lives.  Students who exhibit good sportsmanship, academic excellence or social and civic responsibility may be nominated by their teacher.  If it is ratified by the principal they will receive a letter and certificate in the mail.  We are proud of our students and hope we can express our appreciation to them through this new program.  Please read the following explanation about the qualities I have associated with this award.

In the Middle Ages, a knight was a member of the warrior class who followed a code of law or conduct called “chivalry.”  Chivalry is a term related to knighthood and has an aristocratic origin of individual training and service to others. It is usually associated with the seven ideals of knightly virtue and honor.  The source of chivalry is formalized pride, giving rise to a conception of honor, which is the foundation of a noble life. The Seven Knightly Virtues are the traits which were commonly recognized as a part of this code of conduct.

Courage- More than bravado or bluster, Knoteworthy Knights must have the courage of heart necessary to undertake tasks which are difficult, tedious or unglamorous, and to graciously accept the sacrifices involved.  Today this characteristic is shown when our soldiers, in the military, go into another country and fight for the freedoms of those who are too weak to take on this battle on their own. It is displayed everyday when a fireman, policeman, paramedic or any other civil servant puts on their uniform and proceeds to jeopardize their own life to save or protect others.

Justice- A Knoteworthy Knight holds him or herself to the highest standard of behavior, and knows that “fudging” on the little rules, weakens the fabric of society.  This is clearly established in the culture and society of today as well as in the past. Knoteworthy Knights are called upon to perform these heroic, simple acts every day.

Mercy -Words and attitudes can be painful weapons in the modern world, which is why a Knoteworthy Knight exercises mercy in his or her dealings with others, creating a sense of peace in the community, rather than engendering hostility and antagonism.  These actions come directly from the heart and are an ongoing process that all humans are going through which will make for a better world.

Generosity- Sharing what is valuable in life means not only giving away material goods, but also time, attention, wisdom and energy.  Knoteworthy Knights understand how this creates a strong, rich and diverse community.   In the sense of chivalry it is a type of giving that is not monetary, but the giving of yourself.

Faith- In the code of chivalry, faith means trust and integrity.  A Knoteworthy Knight is always faithful to his or her promises, no matter how big or small they may be.

Nobility- Although this word is sometimes confused with entitlement or snobbishiness, Knoteworthy Knights understand that it conveys the importance of following one’s convictions at all times, especially when no one else is watching.

Hope- Hope is more than just a safety net in times of tragedy.  Hope is present every day in a Knoteworthy Knight’s positive outlook and cheerful demeanor.  It is the shining armor that shields him or her, and inspires all people whose lives they touch.

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