The Gunnison Valley FFA Chapter recently returned from the Utah State FFA Convention. The FFA competed and placed in the following contests:

  • Parliamentary Procedure
  1. Team consisted of Matt Mecham, Bo Burrell, Jacob Hatch, Kaitlyn Bown, Kylee Rasmussen, Millie Hammond, with alternates Mallori Reber, Braydon Burrell, and Shalem Hatch.
  • Job Interview
  1. Shalem Hatch
  • Creed Speaking
  1. Josie Sorensen- Finalist

These people received the following awards

  • State Office
  1. Matt Mecham- 2013-14 State FFA Sentinel
  • State Degree
  1. Elli Reber, Matt Mecham, Will Bown, Skyller Bentley, and Bryce Sorensen
  • Intermountain Farmer Association Scholarship
  1. Bryce Sorensen
  • State Winner Proficiencies
  1. Millie Hammond, Caden Hartley, Will Bown, Bryce Sorensen, and Garrett Sorensen.

Congratulations to all those that placed and participated!



This form must be signed and turned in by all FFA members before traveling with the Chapter.

Form revised May 2012

Gunnison Valley FFA Code of Conduct/Permission Form

I ______________________ (Print Students Name) agree to abide by the following rules.  I understand that I break 1, 2 or 3 below that I will be sent home at my own or parent’s expense. Breaking of any of the below may result in be being sent home at my own expense and will affect future FFA opportunities (depending on severity).  Breaking the law will result in being turned over to the local authorities. (Examples - possession of illegal substance, breaking curfew laws, theft, etc.) I also agree to pay for any damages caused by my actions. I know that if I don’t follow the code of conduct I will not be able to attend FFA activities in the future.  Officers are held to a higher standard and will be placed on probation or removed from office by failing to follow any of the guidelines listed here or in the extra curricular guide or the school constitution.  All of the following also affect current and future participation in FFA events.


*Notice that all action statements are underlined!!!

1.  I will not be in a hotel room with a person of the opposite sex... PERIOD!!  If I want to spend time with someone of the opposite sex I will do it in a public place! 

2.  I will be in my room and quiet at 11:00 (or at the time that Mr. Burrell specifies) and will not leave my room or open my door after curfew.

3.  I will not posses or use any form of illegal drugs, alcohol or tobacco, or participate in criminal activity.

4.  I will wear Official FFA dress to all FFA activities. (Black jeans and black boots (if checked off) are acceptable for live animal judging contests. Black slacks are required for conventions and conferences)

5.  I will, at all times, follow the code of ethics listed in the Official FFA manual. (In brief treat others with respect and do the right thing!)

6.  I will attend all FFA convention, conferences or Judging activities as planned by my chapter and be courteous to all I come in contact with.

7.  I will follow the directions and be respectful to all advisors and chaperones.

8.  I will not use inappropriate language or gestures. 

9.  I agree that my photographic/film image may be taken and used by the Utah FFA Association at its sole discretion.

I order to attend CDE’s, I know that I must attend all scheduled CDE practices; if I miss a practice I will make it up.  I know if I do not make it up I will not be able to attend the event.  I know also that there are requirements to attend FFA events and that if I don’t complete the requirements I may not attend.  As an officer I know I must maintain a 3.0 GPA and pass all classes in order to maintain that office.                                            

*This form must be signed with all signatures in order to attend any FFA activity.

*This form will be read and signed for each year of participation in the FFA. 





Participant signature_____________________________________                                           Date: ______________ Phone:______________


Parent/Guardian Signature______________________________________                      Date: _______________Phone:_______________




Medical Release

_____________________________                  (Print Parent/Guardian Name) Being the legal guardian, hereby authorize in advance any necessary medical treatment required by ...................


_____________________________                  (Print Students Name) While he/she is absent form home attending FFA Activities.


________________________________________________________                      _______________________________

    (Signature of Parent/Guardian)                                                                                                                     (Date)

Required Insurance Information:                                                          


________________________________________________________________________(Insured’s Full Name)


Parent/Guardian Home Phone: _____________________________            Parent/Guardian Cell Phone: ________________________________


Name of Insurance:________________________________________ Policy Number:__________________________________________________



(Complete home address including zip code & phone number)


Please keep the packet for your reference.