We are excited to announce a new movement that has been started at GVMS.  A few weeks ago, several of the 8th Grade class officers approached their advisor about 'doing something' to help the school focus on being kind to each other.  Out of this initial meeting came the Kindness Program.  The 8th Grade class officers went home that night and hand wrote over 100 kindness quotes on colorful 8.5" x 11" cardstock papers.  The next day they were plastered all over the school.  These same students painted a poster with the phrase, "We can change the world with kindness".  This poster is now displayed in the commons for all of the students to see. 

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The annual GVMS Yule Program was held on December 17 featuring the GVMS Band, directed by Matt Weidner; the GVMS Chorus, directed by Jody Allred; and the GVMS Orchestra, directed by Lisa Johnson. Many traditional holiday favorites were performed by the Music Department for a large, standing room only audience. The annual Yule Program is the biggest event of the year for the combined groups and the students put a lot of time unto rehearsals for the holiday date.

2015 Yule 5  
2015 Yule Program 3 2005 Yule 2
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