Information for Parents regarding MHS Evacuation and Student Safety.

I would like to express appreciation to all those wonderful, supportive people who came to help us in our recent school evacuation.

Sheriff Brian Nielson, your support and calm effective manner were invaluable.  To all the officers who responded and just showed up, thank you.  To the crews from Orem and Provo who came with their canine units to make sure our school was safe, thank you.  To Officer Kirkham, Mr. Gillett, Superintendent Larsen, Asst. Supt. Squire, the bus drivers, the faculty and staff and mostly the students, thank you for your calmness.

To the parents  who came and got their children and helped us in so many ways, thank you.

As we wrap this unfortunate event up, I would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions you can give me about what we can do to improve the processes we implement in a crisis such as this.

Please feel free to email me any information which may be beneficial either to improve this process or help us solving this case.

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Mr. George C. Henrie, Principal, Manti High School
"Increasing Student Learning Is Our Purpose!"