Anxiety: Helping handout for school and home by Celeste Malone, Janicia Dugas and Tierra Ellis

Key Points 

Anxiety is the reaction to situations perceived as stressful or dangerous.  Most children experience some level of anxiety or worry in response to unfamiliar situations and everyday stressors. However, when anxiety becomes sever and interferes with daily life, an anxiety disorder may be present.

What to consider when selecting interventions and supports

Recommendations for home and school:

Preventing and reducing the recurrence of anxiety
Explicitly teach children how to engage in flexible thinking
Practice responding to anxiety-inducing situation that children are likely to encounter
Model adaptive ways of coping with anxiety
Responding when anxious behaviors occur
Encourage children to come up with their own solution to the problem
Teach children about the connection between anxiety and physical symptoms
Teach children to self-monitor their physical symptoms
Prompt children to use their anxiety-management strategies when they have physical symptoms

To read more please download the attached PDF

pdfAnxiety: How to help your children


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