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Community Council Nov 20, 2019 held in the conference room at Manti Elementary School 

Those present:   Jake Dettinger, Ashley Denton, Jamie Fowles, Tausha Anderson, Mr. Ipson, Tori Mickelsen, Mrs. Peterson, Mrs. Jorgensen, Kris Ludenberg  

Called to order by Jake

Mr. Ipson  presented the school’s emergency plan and briefly described the protocols for each.  Follows district policy. 

 Chemical spills require a warning, and evacuation if it is inside.  Stay inside if spill is 


Power outages - school communicates with district office.  

Storms - nature of problem determines course of action

Civil disturbance/weapon - warning over intercom, email/text if necessary, principal   

   contact dispatch

Active shooter - classroom lockdown, drills are performed with students 

Earthquake - Stay inside, get under tables, stay away from walls

Fire - alarm will go off and district is called.  

Flood - evacuation to red church in Manti

Nuclear - evacuate and students go home.  School has some rations and supplies on    


Bomb threat - notify principal asap, evacuate to red church.

Evacuation plan was presented with what the proper protocol is.  

Sterling bus safety issues were brought up and discussed.  Assigned seating and additional people on the bus was discussed.  Maybe Mr. Ipson could talk with the Sterling kids and go over expectations.  

3 rules for safety at school - be safe in all places, be kind to yourself and others, be respectful to yourself others and property 

 Survey data on safety was presented.  Students, parents, and teachers surveys were very comparable to CUES average.   

Tori talked about digital citizenship.  Students get a lesson once a month. Every kid is getting age specific lessons to help them be safe online.  A discussion on balance was held and recommended to be emphasized. The plan will continue as before. 

Tori talked about Innovation week was held and a lot of kids participated.  2-3 students were picked and judged on. Winners class got an ice cream party and Mr. Ipson bought ice cream sandwiches for all who participated.   Kids loved innovation week. There was feedback and will have more parameters for next year.   

Tori talked about STEM Space - district got a grant for 5 different sets of STEM tools.  Plan is to make a STEM space with more stuff. Lesson plans from Jordan school district were shared with ideas to incorporate usage with Core plans.   Using STEM helps students learn with “hands-on” activities.

Mr. Ipson discussed Leader in Me.   3 students presented the Leader in Me program  to Superintendent Dickson. She was very impressed with MES and how we develop leaders here.  This is paid for with Trust Land money.  


Mr. Ipson talked about Portrait of a Graduate.  Utah Board approved a statewide model that identifies the ideal characteristics of a Utah graduate.  MAP stands for Mastery, Autonomy, and Purpose. Superintendent Larson wanted Mr. Ipson to present this to Community Council and hold a discussion on what we want MES students to be when they leave MES.  Jake discussed Communication, Critical thinking, creativity and collaboration. Mrs. Peterson mentioned respect...for themselves, for others, and for property. She also mentioned that she wants kids that are invested in their education.   Mrs. Jorgensen brought up life skills. Kris mentioned working together and respecting differences of opinions. Also that kids need to have the coping skills to deal with failure and know that they can get back up and try again. Resilience is key. Hard work is ok.  We want kids that have an understanding of the basics. Jake brought up having coping skills to be able to transition to middle school, with homework specifically.  


The meeting was motioned to be conclude by Kris and Mrs. Jorgensen seconded that motion.


Next meeting Jan. 15 @1:00          

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