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January 15, 2020   

 MES Community Council Meeting


Those in attendance:  Mr. Ipson, Mrs. Jorgensen, Mrs. Peterson,  Ashley Denton, Jake Dettinger


Meeting called to order by Jake Dettinger


Minutes from previous 2 meetings were motioned to be approved was motioned by Mrs. Jorgensen and 2nd by Ashley. Motion carried.


End of the year testing is coming up soon.  Waiting on RISE scores from last year still.   DIBELS MOY assessments have started this week.  

School report card was presented by Mr. Ipson.  We were in the commendable range for achievement and had typical growth.  Manti, for achievement, is above the district and state in the 3 core areas, ELA, Science, and Math.  


The current school LAND Trust Plan budget was presented and explained. Goals 1-3 are being met. Goal #4 was discussed.  Projectors in classrooms are not compatible with Apple TV’s. A mobile projector was planned in the current goal/budget.  However, MES has one currently. Mr. Ipson presented that we replace some of the old projectors with new projectors and apple tv’s so that they are compatible.   We currently have planned to buy 13 Apple tv’s in the budget. Mr. Ipson would like to distribute the funds to buy 4 projectors and 4 apple tvs. 4 projectors and 4 tv’s would approx be $1700. Priority would be with upper grades/needs.  Talk was held about how Goal #5 would need to be reallocated because the District bought the Educator’s Handbook for each school. This money could be allocated to either the Apple Tv’s or Professional Development. The present School LAND Trust plan needs to be amended.  The steps to amend our plan was discussed. Mr. Ipson’s recommendation is to allocate the funds to technology and use remainder of Para budget for Rural Schools and teacher development. Discussion was held between members present and teacher input was heard. Motion was presented to move Goal #5’s $500 to goal #4 and to amend the verbiage of mobile projector to projectors instead.   Mrs. Jorgensen Motioned, Mrs. Peterson 2nd. Motion Carried


Bus safety was discussed, specifically about Sterling bus.  Mr. Ipson rode the bus and discussed with the bus driver ideas.  He also talked to transportation director. So he will continue to monitor the situation and address specific needs. 


Lexia training replaced Imagine learning.  It was to help with Language Arts/Reading. Teachers loved Imagine Learning and are adjusting to Lexia.  The bigger issue is the computer lab time with kids reaching their minutes. Mrs. Peterson and Mrs. Jorgensen discussed some of the pros/cons with Lexia.  Lexia training will be held Jan. 27th. ½ day for kids. Grant requires that we meet 80% kids with 80% usage.  


4th grade pathway @EES is Jan 29th.  Gear-up students present a big STEM day for 4th graders.  Update was given by Mrs. Peterson on their trip to STEM Lab at Lindon Elementary.  They had 3D printers and all sorts of projects for kids to work on. She was very impressed with the kids and their skills and abilities.  Plans to bring some of these ideas to MES were discussed.  


Parent Teacher Conferences will be Feb 6-7.  Student led conferences. Reach for the Stars is held in conjunction with this.  Pampered Chef fundraiser will happen this same time. This will be coming out in the next week. 


Leadership Day is Feb 26th. Student led. Input by Lighthouse Team.   

Additional dates on the calendar were discussed.  Jan 28 is Kindergarten Safety Day. 

No other questions or concerns. 

Next Meeting is February 19, 2020.  Motion to adjourn by Mrs. Jorgensen and 2nd by Ashley. Motion carried.  

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