MES New 20202

Community Council March 17, 2021

Held in Person meeting in MES Faculty Room at 1:00

Members Present

David Ipson

Tausha Anderson

Nora Peterson

Becka Christensen

Traci Buchanon

Justin Bradley

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Ashley Denton


Approval of agenda and minutes

Justin approved minutes from January meeting

Traci seconded it

2020-2021 School Calendars- District Calendar  

Assessment Schedule- They will go ahead and test DIBELS and RISE

Power Hour - has been happening for the last 4 weeks. Because of Covid it wasn’t happening at the beginning of the year. Everyone is excited that it is happening.

MES Reading Instruction Coach - Will be getting next year, 2 year grant paying for this. Instructional Coach will help to improve tier one instruction. Great resource for teachers.

Emergency Information for parents - How to get information incase of emergency to parents. Website? Link? Upon request?.  It was decided by the council to not send emergency information out to parents as it could compromise student safety

Report on Red-n-White Week - Blended a drug awareness week with a digital citizenship week. 

Trust Lands Plan-

  1. We have been allocated $67,498.00 for next school year
  2. MES 2020-2021 Trustlands Plan
  3. Council discussed school needs for 2021-2022 and how Trustlands funds could be used, including a goal: 100% growth in reading and action steps to accomplish this goal.  Budget for discussed items was also discussed.  Plan will be voted on during the next council meeting.

Due to needing make some decisions before board meeting

Justin moved to amend the schedule and change next month's meeting from the 14th to the 7th, Nora seconded the motion.

Next meeting April 7th

Justin moved to adjourn, Traci seconded the motion

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