FISCAL MANAGEMENT GOALS                                                                                                                          DA

Adopted: 4-6-76
Revised: 4-13-05 and 3-13-13

Philosophy and Policy

The South Sanpete Board of Education has always recognized the need for sound fiscal-management policies. Money and money management encompass the foundational support of the whole school system. As a trustee of the local, State, and Federal funds allocated for use in local public education, the South Sanpete Board of Education has the responsibility to protect these funds and to use them wisely in accordance with State laws and rules, the Utah Money Management Act, federal requirements, and District and Board Policy.

The Board also recognizes that its primary purpose is to provide the best educational programs possible within the limits of the financial ability of the District. The Board also acknowledges its deep responsibility to the citizens of South Sanpete for the efficient use of local, State and federal tax dollars. To achieve these important purposes, the Board establishes the following fiscal-management goals and entrusts the Business Administrator and Superintendent to manage the District's fiscal affairs as such:

1. To Encourage in all District employees to have a feeling of responsibility for the property and financial welfare of the District.

2. To establish levels of funding to provide a quality education by pursuing all possible sources of revenue that are available and practical.

3. To use the best management techniques available for the size of the operation and to be flexible enough to change when changes are

4. To conduct the fiscal affairs in compliance with the law of the State of Utah and the regulations of the State Department of Education and 

5. To conduct the affairs of the business department in such a way that the public, fellow employees, and State agencies will have
    confidence and trust.

6. To work with the State Legislature, State Board of Education, and other appropriate agencies to establish and maintain levels of funding
    adequate to provide a quality educational program throughout the District.

7. To authorize the Business Administrator to secure a Fidelity Bond in accordance with Rule 4.4 pursuant to Section 51-7-15 and invest
    public funds in accordance with the Utah Money Management Act.

References: Board Rule R277-425


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