District Vehicles

Approved 10/16/02
Policy Revision: 8/6/14, 10/11/17                                         


The South Sanpete School District shall provide a limited number of vehicles, other than buses, for designated school personnel and school purposes. An administrator or supervisor of a work assignment which includes the use of a vehicle shall designate the scope of work for which that vehicle is required.


The primary purposes for the purchase and maintenance of District vehicles are the following: to provide transportation for District Office staff and/or principals, Board Members, driver training, transportation of employees with special assignments, school and District maintenance, and supplemental transportation for students participating in authorized school activities. No employee will be allowed to use a school vehicle without a valid Utah Driver’s License and must be 18 years of age and graduated from high school. Under no circumstances will District vehicles be used for personal business or convenience or by any organization, business, or agency, other than the South Sanpete School District unless the Board or Board’s designee grants special prior approval.

  1. The use of any District vehicle should have prior approval by the building principal and/or District Transportation Director (except as noted in item # 5). These people will keep a log of all trips and the purposesthereof. These logs will be available to the Board at their request.
  2. It is recommended that the two high school administrations, and other designated schools, have under their direction several vehicles for school-related travel needs for administration, students, and other employees from other schools in the District. These vehicles will remain at the school, or at a nearby buscompound, and will not be taken home by principals or other employees on a daily basis unless Board approval designates otherwise. The high school administrations will be responsible for the scheduling and maintenance of these vehicles.
  3. As determined by the Board, some schools within the District have a need for a custodial truck. These trucks will be used for the caring of the coal furnaces, routine school maintenance, hauling commodities, hauling school/District supplies, and other school related tasks. The custodians whouse these trucks will be responsible for the servicing and maintaining. Where possible and feasible, these vehicles should be left at the school.
  4. It is recommended that an appropriate number of cars be designated as Driver Education cars within the District. Driver Education teachers will be responsible for the scheduling and maintenance of those vehicles.  When not being used for Driver Education, these vehicles will be available for other school employees to use for school-related business.  It is recommended that Driver Education vehicles be garaged at the teacher’s home.
  5. Because some District Office positions have a great need for a vehicle on a daily basis, the following District Office personnel will be assigned a vehicle: Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Business Administrator, Vocational Director, District Maintenance Supervisor, and Program Directors, as determined by the Board. These vehicles will be garaged at the District Office and/or at an individual’s home. When not in use, these vehicles may be available for other District employees. In addition to the vehicles listed above, the District will also have extra vehicles located at the district office to be available for employees within the District whoare asked to fulfill a school/District assignment.
  6. The Board may elect to offer the Superintendent and the Business Administrator a yearly travel allowance rather than the use of a District vehicle.
  7. When employees of the District are assigned to attend workshopsor to fulfill other school-related responsibilities, every attempt will be made to secure a suitable District vehicle for those employees. If no District vehicle is available, a personal car may be taken and reimbursed at the District’s current rate per mile. Noreimbursement will be given unless the supervising administrator gave prior approval. Individuals who use personal cars in this capacity are covered under the District’s liability insurance, but not for property and/or collision claims. The principal is responsible to complete the reimbursement voucher and sign it before any reimbursement will be made.
  8. All vehicle accidents and/or emergencies must be reported to the District’s Transportation Director and/or BusinessAdministrator as soonas possible sothe necessary steps may be taken to address those concerns.
  9. All traffic violations incurred through the use of the District-provided vehicles are the financial responsibility of the driver.
  10. From time to time, an administrator may assign a non-staff person (parent) to drive a District vehicle for school-related purposes.Such drivers must be 21 years old with a valid Utah Driver’s License and will be covered under the District’s insurance.  They must take, and pass, the Risk Management drivers test.
  11. With prior approval, and in rare occurrences, when there are no District vehicles available, an administrator may designate a responsible adult to use their personal vehicle to transport students to sanctioned school activities. This personal vehicle must not exceed nine people (eight plus driver) and must be equipped with a seat belt for every person. Anydesignated adult whousestheir personal vehicle in this capacity will be covered under the District’s liability insurance, but notfor property and/or collision claims. If the parent chooses, he/she may be reimbursed the District’s current rate per mile. The principal is responsible to complete the reimbursement voucher and sign it before any payment will be made.
  12. South Sanpete believes that seat belts save lives and reduce the risk of serious injury.  Safety of our employees and students is our number one priority.  It is the expectation that any person driving or riding in a South Sanpete School District vehicle shall always wear a seat belt.  It is the driver ‘s responsibility to ensure that everyone in his/her vehicle is always wear a seat belt.
  13. Any person driving a South Sanpete School District vehicle needs to take the Utah Risk Management Driver course and pass the test. This course and test are good for two years.


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