South Sanpete School District Employee Non-Disclosure Agreement

As an employee of the SSSD, I hereby affirm that: (Initial)  

 __I have read the Employee Non-Disclosure Assurances attached to this agreement form and read and reviewed Data Governance Plan SSSD policies. These assurances address general procedures, data use/sharing, and data security.   

 __I will abide by the terms of the SSSD’s policies and its subordinate process and procedures;

 __I grant permission for the manual and electronic collection and retention of security related information, including but not limited to photographic or videotape images, of your attempts to access the facility and/or workstations.


___ I have completed SSSD’s Data Security and Privacy Fundamentals Training.

___ I will complete SSSD’s Data Security and Privacy Fundamentals Training within 30 days.

Using SSSD Data and Reporting Systems 

 __I will use a password-protected computer when accessing data and reporting systems, viewing child/staff records, and downloading reports.

___I will not share or exchange individual passwords, for either personal computer(s) or SSSD system user accounts, with SSSD staff or participating program staff.

___I will log out of and close the browser after each use of SSSD data and reporting systems. 

___I will only access data in which I have received explicit written permissions from the data owner. 

 __I will not attempt to identify individuals, except as is required to fulfill job or volunteer duties, or to publicly release confidential data;

Handling Sensitive Data 

___I will keep sensitive data on password-protected state-authorized computers.

 __I will keep any printed files containing personally identifiable information in a locked location while unattended. 

 __I will not share child/staff-identifying data during public presentations, webinars, etc. I understand that dummy records should be used for such presentations.

 __I will delete files containing sensitive data after working with them from my desktop, or move them to a secured server.

Reporting & Data Sharing

____I will not re-disclose or share any confidential data analysis except to other authorized personnel without SSSD’s expressed written consent

___I will not publically publish any data without the approval of the Superintendent.

___I will take steps to avoid disclosure of personally identifiable information in state-level reports, such as aggregating, data suppression, rounding, recoding, blurring, perturbation, etc.

___I will not use email to send screenshots, text, or attachments that contain personally identifiable or other sensitive information. If I receive an email containing such information, I will delete the screenshots/text when forwarding or replying to these messages. 

____I will not transmit child/staff-level data externally unless explicitly authorized in writing

___I understand that when sharing child/staff-identifying data with authorized individuals, the only approved methods are phone calls or a secured file.  Also, sharing within secured server folders is appropriate for SSSD internal file transfer.

___I will immediately report any data breaches, suspected data breaches, or any other suspicious activity related to data access to my supervisor and the SSSD Information Security Officer. Moreover, I acknowledge my role as a public servant and steward of child/staff information, and affirm that I will handle personal information with care to prevent disclosure.

Consequences for Non-Compliance

___I understand that access to the SSSD network and systems can be suspended based on any violation of this contract or risk of unauthorized disclosure of confidential information

___ I understand that failure to report violation of confidentiality by others is just as serious as my own violation and may subject me to personnel action, including termination.

Termination of Employment

____I agree that upon the cessation of my employment from SSSD, I will not disclose or otherwise disseminate any confidential or personally identifiable information to anyone outside of SSSD without the prior written permission of the Student Data Manager of SSSD.

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