Adopted: 4-12-77
Reviewed: 6-22-05



With a view to achieving the District’s central purpose of high quality education, and acting also with fiscal responsibility, the South Sanpete Board of Education shall strive not for the cheapest, but for the most economical construction which adequately meets requirements for quality education, safety, durability, maintenance, insurance, and flexibility.

Two general types of facilities are constructed and utilized by the District: those for use in the instructional program and those for other purposes such as administration, instructional resources, transportation, and other ancillary services. Buildings used for instruction constitute one of the most important resources of instruction. Their adequacy of space and their specific design features will either contribute to or detract from the quality and scope of learning. Priority in the development of facilities shall be based on identified educational needs and on programs developed to meet those needs.


The policy of the facility expansion program of the District shall be:

  1. To house safely and adequately the instructional, support, and auxiliary programs of the district;
  2. To integrate facilities planning with other aspects of planning in a comprehensive program of educational problem-solving;
  3. To base educational specifications for school buildings on identifiable learner needs;
  4. To achieve the optimum use of financial resources through flexibility of design and through consideration of long-term maintenance costs, insurance ratings, and energy requirements provided that learner needs are effectively and adequately met by the design;
  5. To locate facilities where needed through anticipation of program requirements and population trends;
  6. To design for sufficient flexibility to permit program modification or the installation of new programs;
  7. To design school buildings for maximum community use; and
  8. To involve the community, local school staff, available experts, and the latest in related current developments and research in building plans and specifications.

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