[F] Facilities Development

Adopted: 4-12-77
Reviewed: 6-22-05


Educational specifications for new school facilities shall be developed by the Superintendent, with the full participation of the professional staff, and shall be submitted for approval to the South Sanpete Board of Education.

The Superintendent will utilize educational consultants in planning specifications as he/she deems necessary.

These specifications, when approved by the Board, shall then be discussed in conference with the architect.

The education specifications shall include:

  1. Information concerning the plan of school organization and estimated enrollment in the proposed building;
  1. A description of the proposed curriculum and the teaching methods and techniques to be employed;
  1. A schedule of space requirements, including an indication of relative locations of various spaces;
  1. A desired layout of special areas and the equipment needed for such areas;
  1. An outline of mechanical features and special finishes desired; and
  1. A description of standard codes and regulations (District, city, County, and State) affecting planning.

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