[F] Facilities Development

Adopted: 4-12-77
Reviewed: 6-22-05


In selecting a school site or any other District structure, the South Sanpete Board of Education shall consider:

  1. Availability of adequate sites near the center of population as projected;
  1. Relationship to other community facilities;
  1. Ultimate size needed. (The State Board of Education has established recommended minimal acreages for school sites as follows: ten {10} acres for elementary, twenty {20} acres for junior high/middle school, and thirty {30} acres for senior high schools. One {1} acre should be added for every 100 pupils in average daily membership planned for the facility.);
  1. Cost of site, including development and utilities;
  1. Present and future transportation needs;
  1. Feasibility of constructing a building from an architectural standpoint;
  1. Legal implications in acquiring site; and
  1. Hazards and undesirable environments.

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