[F] Facilities Development

Adopted: 4-12-77
Reviewed: 6-22-05



The South Sanpete Board of Education shall establish priorities based upon student population, location, and education needs well in advance in order that proper locations for school sites might be acquired. Sites shall be acquired in advance of time for construction to allow adequate time for the completion of topography studies and other preliminary work.


 In regards to site acquisition, it shall be the policy of the South Sanpete Board of Education that:

  1. The acquisition of such sites shall be in conformance to the long-range building program of the district;
  1. Every effort will be made to purchase the sites by negotiation with a willing seller at a fair and reasonable price;
  1. If a realtor is retained for the purpose of carrying on negotiations for purchase of a school site with an owner or owners, payment for services rendered shall be as negotiated by the Board of Education; and
  1. If it becomes obvious to the Board that negotiations for the purchase of a site will not be successful and every effort has been exhausted to achieve acceptable purchase terms, the right of eminent domain may be employed to provide the needed school site. Authorization for payment for services rendered by a realtor in case of condemnation proceedings will be as negotiated by the Board of Education.

When possible, the District will keep in communication with the owner, as proceedings develop in order to provide an opportunity for consummation of the purchase rather than resorting to court action. It is the Board's intent to negotiate amicably and to avoid friction when possible while continuing negotiations.

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