[F] Facilities Development

Adopted: 4-12-77
Reviewed: 6-22-05



As the South Sanpete Board of Education seeks to overcome deficiencies in its physical plants, it will strive to provide new facilities that will provide the highest type of educational environment for all students within its ability to so provide.


Planning for buildings may be initiated by the Board on request from the schools, the recommendation of the Superintendent, or by the Board's own appreciation of need. Principals and their staffs shall be consulted from sketch plan stage until final layout is determined. In compliance with Utah Code, the State Board of Education, the ADA Director of the Division of Utah Risk Management and the State Fire Marshal must grant approval of the completed plans and specifications. This is to insure that the proposed building complies with all of the requirements, rules, and regulations of the State of Utah.

New buildings and renovations to existing buildings shall be in accordance with new organizational patterns planned by the Board and anticipated instructional programs.

Decisions pertaining to the construction of educational facilities will be made only after the viewpoints of teachers, students, parents, and other citizens have been considered.

Architects employed by the Board are expected to plan for simplicity of design, sound economics, including low long-range maintenance costs, high educational utility, and flexibility.





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