Professional Employment Benefits                                                                                   GCBC-SP

Adopted: 6-29-76

Revised: 9-14-5 (Combined Policies GCBC-1, GCBC-2, and GCBC-3 with GCBC)
Proposed Revision: 8-11-10 (Combine Policy GCBC-SP with Policy GCBC)
Proposed Revisions:09-12-12, 09-11-2013 06-08-16
Revision: 8-6-14
It is the policy of the South Sanpete Board of Education that benefits, in addition to the basic salary, are recognized as an integral part of total compensation. The District shall provide to its eligible employees appropriate benefits as authorized by law, (e.g. sick leave, retirement, social security, health insurance, and long-term disability). The Business Administrator shall also select and administer such retirement plans, health and accident insurance, and/or annuity programs as the Board may authorize.
Salary Payment and Payroll Deductions
Each professional staff member shall be paid 1/12 of his/her total contracted annual salary on the last working day of each month, commencing September 30 and continuing for 12 months. A professional staff member may exercise the option of receiving his/her June, July, and August payments at some other schedule according to a plan worked out with the Business Administrator. The Board may retain $500 to cover liquidated damages when an individual employee breaks his/her contract. The balance due of the $500 will be paid by September 1. Upon authorization from the employee, the Board agrees to make a payroll deduction for professional dues, credit union, insurance, or approved annuities. Also, in accordance with state and federal law, a garnishment of an employee's wages may become a deduction. All other payments (summer school, extra pay for extra duty, etc.) will be paid at the conclusion of the program or according to the policy governing that program.
Employees desiring an annuity payroll deduction shall file with the Business Administrator written instructions to withhold certain monies from his/her salary to be paid to the company of his/her choice. Such written notice shall be filed with the Business Administrator. The employee shall receive an annual notice of his/her yearly salary and the amount withheld for annuity purposes.
Health and Accident Insurance
The Board will make available to all eligible District employees group insurance for hospital, surgical, and extended benefits and life insurance, as provided by a group policy with an approved insurance association. Employees qualify for insurance benefits by working 30 or more hours per week. The life insurance coverage on the employee and his/her dependents shall be those as described in the group policy. The Board also provides catastrophic coverage as part of the group insurance program. Insurance coverage begins the first day of the month following the employee's completion and filing of the enrollment forms with the Business Administrator. (Employees starting in August will have coverage beginning September 1.st) Employees who have completed service for the full period of their contract shall be insured through August 31. (unless over age 65 or Medicare eligible) Insurance benefits shall be terminated upon employment termination for those employees who quit, move, or are terminated prior to the completion of the contract period. Any insurance eligible employee retiring after turning the age of 65 or Medicare eligible will be covered through the last day of the month in which he/she turns 65 or completes employment. Example, an insurance eligible employee at age 65 (or older) finishing up his/her contract year (May) will have the option to continue on his/ insurance through the last day of the month (May). The District will provide a High Deductible Health Insurance Plan to every full-time employee who works more than 30 hours per week. Every full-time employee who works more than 30 hours per week is eligible for the District – sponsored insurance plan. The eligible employee will receive a specific amount
into an HSA or HRA. The District contribution may change on September 1 of the subsequent year of the District-Sponsored Health Plan.

2016-17 EMI Plan Choice
         PHD3500 The District will fully fund, at no cost to the employee, and provide $1,750 into a qualified HSA plan with Tango.

          HSA (Health Savings Plan) is only available if the employee or spouse participates in a qualified IRS High Deductible Health Plan.

          The District will offer an HSA or HRA if waiving health insurance coverage.

Any employee who is insurance eligible, and can provide proof of external insurance coverage will be given the option of terminating the District- sponsored insurance plan and receiving $3,000 each plan year into an HRA or HSA (if the employee’s spouse participates in a qualified IRS High Deductible Health Plan). This decision becomes irreversible during the insurance contract year September 1 thru August 31, unless there is a qualifying event such as a loss of external insurance coverage. Portions of a year will be pro-rated.
This benefit will continue as long as the employee remains insurance eligible under District guidelines.

Insurance Waiver Statement:

_______________________________ _____________________
Please Print                                                        SSN
I have read the Health and Accident Insurance Waiver Guidelines and have signed the EMI Insurance
Waiver Form.

Employee: __________________________ Date: _________________

Employer: __________________________ Date: _________________


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