Adopted: 3-14-78
Reviewed: 10-8-03

Academic freedom is essential to the fulfillment of the purposes of the South Sanpete School District. District teachers will be protected from censorship or restraint, which unreasonably interferes with their obligation to expose students to controversial issues and to help students express their own views on such issues.

The teacher's responsibility should be to show objectivity in order that various sides of controversial issues are given. To carry out this responsibility, a teacher should be well informed in the areas being studied. It is recognized that any teacher has the right to have his or her own point of view and to express that view, but the teacher also has the responsibility to tell students that the statement is his or her view.

A public school must guard its environment from disturbing and disrupting influences, which might tend to inhibit learning or distract from normal school day. For these and other reasons, individuals not involved in the teaching-learning process within the school, must follow and adhere to established school procedures in making school contacts, visiting the school, excusing children, etc.

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