Adopted: 11-18-75
Amended: 10-11-78
Amended: 5-14-80
Amended: 9-2-02
Revised: 11-8-06

The South Sanpete Board of Education believes that the district should be organized around a plan that will provide all students with the most effective education possible. To provide equal educational opportunities for all of its students the Board has established and operates and maintains the following schools and grade levels:

School                                       Location             Grade Levels

Ephraim Elementary                   Ephraim               K-5
Ephraim Middle                          Ephraim               6-8
Sanpete Academy                      Ephraim               9-12
Gunnison Valley Elementary        Gunnison             K-5
Gunnison Valley Middle               Gunnison             6-8
Gunnison Valley High                  Gunnison             9-12
Manti Elementary                       Manti                  K-5
Manti High                                 Manti                  9-12

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